Thursday, 21 May 2015

Roberton and Northhouse Rideouts - Hawick Common Riding 2015

I don't know where the time in disappearing to just now, I am quilting away and getting a lot done but have to intersperse with 'rideouts'.

Last Saturday the ride was to Roberton, that's really coming home to our own valley, it was really cold but mostly fine. Tuesdays ride went to Northhouse, that's the home of this years Cornet. There was thunder rumbling around when we left home and hail bouncing off the bonnet of the truck on the way down the road but after a heavy shower while we sat in the truck the clouds cleared and it was a sunny day, alot warmer than we have had of late. Here are a few photos from the week, pleased to say our riders and horses came home safe and sound but probably a bit sore and bruised...phew!

Off to Roberton....

Off to Northhouse...

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, love the historic buildings and pastoral settings, horses going over the river, lovely!!


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