Sunday, 4 November 2018

An Exquisite Baltimore Basket Quilt

I am so privileged to be asked to quilt for my clients. I appreciate each and every quilt but every now and then I'm in awe of the artistry and craftsmanship that lies under the needle of my longarm.
Vy's quilts are always inspirational. Although I know I would never have the patience to do such intricate applique work I acknowledge her special skills and determination to finish such a time consuming project. Not only a very large double bed quilt but also a runner for the bedroom dresser.

All of the applique work in each block is hand stitched, embroidered and then padded. to top that all four borders are also appliqued too

Quilted with cream trilobal thread in the background with teal thread in the sashings. Simply cotton 100% cotton wadding, cotton wadding is always my preferred wadding, it gives a wonderful finish on any and every quilt.

Lots of hours of hand sewing by Vy and then three weeks work of longarm quilting by me.

I had too  many photos to choose from so please just enjoy, there are loads here, starting with a few of the quilt top before quilting......



  1. Oh my, both the appliqué and the quilting are just exquisite. Thank you for sharing in such detail!

  2. Wow!!!that is gorgeous the quilting and the appliqué a real treasure

  3. Beautiful quilts and quilting. Thank you for showing so many photos.

  4. Beautiful work. Vy is an artist and your work has enhanced that further.

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