Wednesday 16 June 2010

Continous Curve Ruler!

I've been Beta Testing the new Continous Curve Rulers from

I love the finger grips and the resistance stip on the back..very good design and very good quality!

The Continous Curve Rulers will soon be a new addition to Carol's line of the much appreciated 'Fine Line Rulers'..and there are more exciting things in the pipeline so why not take a stroll over to Carols website!

Here's my practice sample...

I am new to ruler work so there are quite a few wobbly bits, but it's just a practice piece! You may also notice the red markings...I am trying out the Frixion pen by Pilot as a marker..on paper the marks are supposed to rub out with the plastic rubber leaving no debris...the heat from the rubbing makes the ink disappear.
 On fabric you can also use the plastic eraser but I tried an iron and the marks faded...I will try a hairdryer when I have finished with the grid on this sandwich and will let you know what I think!!

Updated 9/7/10....when I  applied a hot hairdyer to the red 'pilot frixion' pen marks the marks faded to a very faint line, if this line is under your stitching it will never be seen.......left me wondering if the marks would come back if the fabric sandwich was left somewhere this space and I'll let you know?????

Updated 20/07/10.....I put this practice sandwich inside two plastic carrier bags and put it in the freezer and then forgot about it for three or four days......the red frixion pen marks ( previously faded) had come back with the cold... so that is no good at all!  Well, here in my house anyways, my bedrooms can be pretty cold in winter, although not as cold as a freezer but pretty!!!


  1. My understanding with the Frixon pen is that it is suppose to fade with heat and come back with cold UNTIL you wash it. Once washed, the marks are not suppose to come back, even if in cold temperatures. Have you tried this??

  2. Hi there, I've never tried that with the Frixion pens....I will one of these days....I just know that those pens were never made to be used on fabric so if it stays gone after washing fabric that must be a bonus.....

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland


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