Monday, 7 June 2010

"Never cast a clout till May is Out"!

Well most people believe that to be the month of May but in actual fact the proverb relates to the 'May Flower' which is the flower of the Hawthorn's now in full bloom so I guess it's safe to take of those thermals! When I was young it was a 'liberty bodice'...who else remembers a 'liberty bodice'!.

The flowers on the Hawthorn tree don't last long but are still quite beautiful in their own way and have that intriguing musky kind of smell????

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  1. Hi there, yep remember the bodice very well rubber button yuk, at the end of may we could take them off, silly now though can have 4 season in one day, so many old saying we were brought up on, how many are true


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