Friday 18 June 2010 do you get your kicks?

Maybe you like to get up at dawn when the birds awake? Not me!

Maybe you like to climb mountains? Not me!

Maybe you like to drive fast cars? Hmmm, no not really!

Some people like to lie on a beach in the sun? No, I get prickly heat and usually mosquetos find me attractive!

Although I hate really early mornings, today we got up at 4.30am to get the horses in and go to Selkirk, (next door town) and ride their 'Ride Out'! I can't even really say that I like fast horses, although my horse thinks she is fast she's not really but she is forward and wants to go...I like a horse that I feel safe on especially galloping over the Scottish hills, but you know it's a totally different situation when you are riding with 300/400 horses!
After the battle of Flodden in 1513 only one man returned to Selkirk... Fletcher was the only survivor...a Selkirk man born and bred is chosen to be Standard Bearer to represent Fletcher..The Selkirk Common Riding lasts only one day, it's a safer slower ride with lots of steep hills and valleys and at the end a 'chase' up the 'Toll' through the crowds!

This is a short video from 2009..maybe I'll replace it with a version from this year when it becomes available!

Then it's over and we are home for lunch and maybe a short nap...!!!

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