Friday, 11 June 2010

It's Here...Common Riding Morning!

At last the day has dawned...Common Riding Morning!

The Cornet collects the 1514  flag from the Town Hall and carries it along the High Street to Backdamgate and the awaiting horses...all the horses (335) and male riders (no females today) then leave for a procession around the they are leaving through The Vennel....

After a short ride around the town the cavalcade proceed to Haggisha and the Acting Father (Gordon Jackson), followed by the married men Chase up the Nipknowes, after a slight pause they are followed by The Cornet, (Greg Easton), his Right Hand Man, (Jaimie Richardson), his Left Hand Man (Ben Graham) and then all the single men and boys!

As usual there are many other activies happening today, a visit to the hut with speeches and songs, the cutting of the sod on the extremity of the town boundary, all the horses arrive at the race course and follow the Cornet in a  lap of honour around the race course. There's horse racing, childrens racing, band playing and one huge picnic with not a little alcoholic beverage!
When the cornet leaves at 4pm with his mounted supporters, The Cornet goes to the river to dip the flag in the Cobble Pool before returning it to the Town Hall.
In the Evening the Common Riding Dinner is followed by the Common Riding Ball, at sunrise The Cornet's party visit The Mote and sing Teribus on it's summit, after dancing the final reel at Tower Knowe all are allowed to go home and sleep before returning in the morning to do it all again allbeit on a much smaller scale!

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