Saturday 17 July 2010

It's back on the frame! I've  put my wholecloth back on the frame...I had been a bit disheartened with quilting it as my machine was making a mess of the stitching on the back!  Right to left diagonals and south to north were causing knots and shredded thread, it's caused by needle flexion and I have tried everything I know to solve it...well, I found a sweet spot... and for two whole days my machine stitched beautifully...I was sew pleased!!!!

Then I started to hear that plop plopping sound that means the needle is blunt and needs replacing...changed the needle, not once but many times, same needle and different needles, different sizes and brands of needles. I could not find that nice sweet place again...still can't find it!
Well you know this is the first wholecloth I've done and I was actually using the experience as a learning curve, which it has been and still is!

I just wish that the back was going to look as good as the front?

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