Friday 23 July 2010

On a Wing and a Prayer!

I got there...."On a Wing and a Prayer"!

I've finished my first's the history....

In March I took an online class over on MQResource, our tutor was Adam Cheneverte, Adam does fantastic work and is a wonderful teacher.  We learned how to draft, print and mark our designs on fabric.

This is how my design first looked, hand drawn, not stencils....well only for the circles/pebbles....

In a local junk shop I found a glass topped coffee table, I only needed the glass to make a good sized light box which really helped when marking my design, I used blue water soluble marker.


It didn't take that long to mark and then it was on to the frame.....

Then, as I knew it would, life took over with lambing time, horses and 'Common Ridings' etc. etc....

It was late June by the time I realised that some of my blue markings were starting to fade so I buckled down and finished quilting the main motifs, that in it's self spurred me on to complete the background quilting and border, (not without machine problems and stitch inconsistency, caused by needle flexion), on my HV Mega Quilter!

Of course, when the quilt came off the frame it had to be soaked to make sure all of the soluble marker was removed and then in a fashion I blocked it best I could.....

Here is the finished wholecloth all dried and bound, white cotton satteen, Hobbs 80/20 and Quilters Dream Wool, white Metro thread top and bottom....

Then some close ups...

 There are lots of background fills, pebbles, rays, feathered swirls, curved crosshatching, strings of pearls and 'pepperoni pizza'.....

Well, that's that one finished...'guess what'...I have my next two designs already drafted and printed out to the size I need...but I think they are going to have to wait for that 'longarm'....zzzzzz......'No I'm not dreaming, it's going to become a reality'.


  1. Beautiful!!! Congratulations.

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous!! Love the shine to the thread and all the tiny background fill too. And I have to ask...what is 'pepperoni pizza' quilting??

  3. Beautiful Kay, I'm going to share this with my fan page on facebook

  4. Thanks for the compliments...Kathy, if you look close at the background fills, there's one that looks like 'pepperoni pizza''s a triangle echoed twice then filled with pebbles!

  5. Love your quilting.... so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Congratulations - your quilt is stunning! And you have done it on a domestic sewing machine - wow!

  7. Beautiful, just beautiful :)

  8. That is one beautiful design .... Adam may be a good teacher, but I think you may be a good student to get results like this.

    Judy B


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