Tuesday 6 July 2010

So, what did you do this weekend???

Last Friday I travelled up to North East Scotland, Crathes near Aberdeen, to Linzi Uptons first 'Frame Quilters Summer Camp'!
My first retreat and I got to rub shoulders with some of the best quilters in the UK...how lucky am I?
I drove over 4 hours to see beautiful countryside, meet wonderful new friends and enjoyed a really relaxed, friendly and informative weekend at Linzi's home with Linzi, Ferret, Tracy and Janette, and also Sue and Jenni from the Aberdeen area... Woohoo!!

We enjoyed wonderful instruction and advice from Linzi, Ferret and Tracy!
We got to see close up and personal some of Linzi's and  Ferret's quilts, we had an exclusive talk and discussion on the 'Yurt' and it's many varied and artistic panels, even those still under construction!
I got to try out Linzi's Millennium (and hope I didn't hogg it too much)!

By the time we thought about photos the local girls had left, sorry Jenni and Sue.  I guess as is usual I was behind the camera, (and no I'm not camera shy).

  Tracy, Linzi, Ferret and Janette

Can't wait to put some of what I learned into practice....
Can't wait for the next retreat....

Can't wait for winter and the dark nights so I have more time to quilt....
Can't wait!!!


  1. I'm jealous! Beautiful countryside and awesome teachers! How fun!!!!

  2. Hey, you're really good at feathers, what did you need a class for ? I'll have to check out my students more carefully next time and give you all something more challenging to do :)

    Glad you had fun.

  3. OMG! What an accolade!

    Thanks Ferret!

    Best Wishes Kay


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