Friday 15 October 2010

Best Laid Plans and all that!

Well I had intended to do so much yesterday...lots of quilting....

I got a late start and decided to finish making and adding the pieced border to Kristina's 'Mystery Quilt' first....hadn't been long started when my DS called in, he was going into town so I sent him on an errand......

I got the border added eventually....'more haste, less speed' as they wasn't that tricky, guess I wasn't paying attention, had to unpick one or two units but got there in the end!

What? ...You wanted to see's still a mystery.....not finished just yet as I'm waiting for more background fabric to finish the plain outer border, it should be here next week!

So I did move on to doing some quilting but just on my practice sandwich....I feel quite satisfied when I have filled every square inch with quilting.....but I think it's time to move on to something more real tomorrow!

My DS came back with a styrofoam sheet which I covered with cotton batting and fixed to the wall in my studio...hope it stays put and although not perfect at least I now have a small design wall that I can also pin to.....only 5 feet high but better than nothing for now! did that get's a mystery to me!


  1. Kay

    Your Mystery looks fabulous, and your PPPing is beautiful.
    Can I ask what fabric you are using for your PPPing, as it it looks great.

    Happy quilting

  2. Hi Kath, thanks for your lovely comments...the fabric I am using for practice is a cotton satteen/chintz, I buy from my local curtain/upholstery fabric store it's only £2/3 per yard, comes in a variety of colours so I don't get so bored, is great for practice and it's 60 inches wide.

    Best Wishes

  3. Those feathers are lovely. My husband just looked over my shoulder and said, those look like yours. I love your use of Patsy Thompsons fireworks and twirls and swirls in more formal feathers. Simply lovely!

  4. Well, 'Thank You Sally', although not epecially Patsy, could be Suzanne Earley or Carla Barratt or any other brand of quilter out there...but thank you all the same!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  5. Your mystery is looking fabulous! I'm doing a mystery with our guild so didn't do this one, now I'm jealous. I'm sewing the blocks together on mine this weekend. I'm loving it, too.


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