Sunday 10 October 2010

The New Saddle!

My Grandchildren, Kyle and Fieron had an impromptu riding lesson today......soley to try out Kyles new saddle for his new (this summer) pony.
It's vey difficult sometimes to find a saddle to fit the rider and the pony, (even made to measure saddles are not always successful)....especially when the pony is low withered and a little round and barrel like in the body! It's taken a while but I think we've found it, and although not new it cost an arm and a leg!

So the Kids had a short lesson in our grass school....wearing their John Deere overalls!
It was a gray autumn day, with a cutting east wind, this is Kyle (11) on Layla and below is Fieron (8) on Rosie!

'Me and Mini Me'

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