Thursday 21 October 2010

Second time around!

There is more than one way to skin a cat ..... 'quilt' .....

This is the second time this little quilt top has been used as a practice was first used on my Mega Quilter ...non stitch regulated, the first time I used that was a joke....lots of toe nail catchers....never got bound but I kept it thinking...'one day I'll skin that little quilt'!

So, while I was awaiting dispatch of my new longarm I took a sharp craft knife and skinned the quilt...that is I cut all the stitches by peeling back the top and cutting the stitches from inside...only a couple of little nicks ...honest!

I used a different fill in every block/patch...learned not to use your channel locks for cross hatching if your piecing isn't straight coz you can't fudge with the channel locks on.....I decided that from now on I will always turn my borders to quilt them.....also if you know that your binding fabric has previously been washed and your quilt fabric hasn't...then wash the quilt too before attaching the a better fitting finish.....ask me how I know!

Now it's all quilted and bound...definately not a show quilt but no toe nail catchers this time!

Thanks to Shannon and the Bronze Wombat (Jennifer) for the signature tutorial!


  1. Kay, that is such a great idea!! I learned about the channel locks/cross-hatching the hard way too. Sound like a great idea in theory, though. Do you quilt for others? What a great way to show them the different fills you can do. I may steal it when/if I ever get some time to piece/quilt for myself! Yours looks beautiful!!!

  2. I think you did great Kay! And lessons learned, are lessons remembered (:>)

  3. What a great blog Kay! Your quilting is so beautiful! Love the horse pics too! Cindye


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