Thursday, 1 April 2010

Home is where the 'Heart' is!

So what is the heart of your home?

This is mine!

It's an AGA and I love it!

This stove just sits there pumping out heat 24 hours a day.... unlike my previous stove, you don't have to stoke it, clean out the flues or chimney, or take out the ashes (which always used to scatter and fall leaving a trail of dust everywhere). It doesn't belch out smoke, soot or fumes and we don't have to carry in endless supplies of wood and stove nuts! I used to paint my kitchen every year, but with this stove every 2 or 3 years is fine!

This stove is oil fed, now I know maybe it is not so environmentally friendly but after 25 years of carrying fuel and ashes I love that it is oil fed!

Agas were designed in 1922, originally made in Sweden out of cast iron and are still made today the only thing that has changed about them is the ability to burn fuel more economically and there is now a more varied range of colours, ours is a dark royal blue.  We've had this stove for three years now, it only needs to be serviced every 12 - 18 months.  It's actually a refurbished stove and has been totally re-enamelled, so I have done something to save the planet!

You can cook on the top, the Aga’s ovens really look after your food, you can put a casserole in the bottom oven and leave it all day and it will be perfect when you return home cold, wet and tired.You can cook your Christmas turkey over night and it's always lovely and juicy!

I even made quilted hob covers to stop the stainless steel tops from being scratched, my husband calls them hand warmers.

The Aga makes a farmhouse kitchen into what it should be, the heart of your home, always warm and inviting, and over lambing time its also a great place to warm up those cold and weary lambs that just need a little help in front of the Aga to get going!

No affiliation to the company.... On days like today, I just love my Aga!!!

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  1. Hi Kaye, Love your stove, I almost bought one like that but decided on a commercial one instead. I just showed this to my husband, wished we would have went with thre AGA.



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