Saturday 24 April 2010

My Experience as a 'Stunt Quilter'!

I have finished my stint as a 'Stunt Quilter'!

This is how my project arrived!

This is one of many panels being quilted by different people (both in the UK and US), to cover a Yurt, a mongolian tent!

This was my thread choice!

I have only quilted this one panel (30 x 54 inches) which was pieced by Linzi Upton the project owner...Linzi has made and quilted over 50% of the project herself... All the panels are linked by colour and fabric but all of the designs are different....these panels will cover the sides of the yurt with tweed panels to cover the roof!
The Yurt will be on show by Linzi at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show here in Scotland and may also go over to the US!

There were many firsts:-
First colaboration..
First gold lame..had to deal with the issues of skipped stitches and broken thread
First use of a (Barbara Chainey) stencil, embellished
First time 'Stunt Quilter'!

The finished project!

'I just love the back of quilts'!

Being spring in the Scottish Borders there are lots of pressures on your time, I needed to get the panel finished to move on to other things, if I'd had more time to spend, I may have done somethings differently....but hey... you take something away from every quilt!
Now that it's finished I find it was an enjoyable!
I haven't posted it back to Linzi yet as she is still living it large in the US after MQX, something about volcanoes, cancelled flights and backlog????


  1. It is absolutely fabulous!! Thank you for all of your hard work, Kay.

    The stunt quilters have pulled out all the stops to contribute to this huge project. I hope to tour it as far and wide as possible so that all of the contributors get the recognition that they deserve.


  2. Kay it is great to see you have joined the world of blogging!
    Just enjoyed looking at all your posts...nice to finally see you come out of hiding.
    Your quilting on the yurt panel is beautiful!!!The yurt is going to be amazing when it's done, I hope to see pictures of it on the forums.

  3. Kay, I've just found your blog and signed up to follow! I love the panel for Linzi, you did an incredible job. And the pictures of your foal and baby lambs are terrific! They are just so darn cute! Emma is so far past the baby stage, but she's still adorable. Happy trails!


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