Sunday 11 April 2010

Is he coming yet?

Well, we had to wait for the Farrier, he was booked to come on the day that it snowed! When was that, well it was just last week although today you would hardly believe that it snowed just last week.... the weather today is wonderful!

Here they are looking to see if he's coming?

Bess got new shoes....

Dibbley got new shoes...

Moth (in the back) had a trim and Willow her yearling filly came along to see what all the fuss was about....just to hear all the noise and take in the different smells of the day!

This was the day that I finally got around to weaning Willow away from her mother......As I am around more over the next couple of weeks it seemed like a good time to keep Willow in the stable for a week while her mothers milk dried up!

Willow, Moth and I already have a  wonderful relationship, I stroked Moth as she foaled out in the field in the sun (May 2009), Willow imprinted/bonded with me and we have spent time together every day of her life so far..... being weaned from her mother was not too much of a big deal for her as I just stepped in to keep her company!!!

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