Thursday 8 April 2010

Wholecloth Design and Execution!

Among other things,  I've been taking an online class on MQR.... 'Wholecloth Design and Execution'!
These online classes are a great way to learn something new at your own pace.

Our class tutor is Adam Chenevert... I'll have to check that spelling? Adam does outstanding wholecloth quilts!

Adam has a great teaching style and students are encouraged to find and follow there own ideas, we also get to brush up on our computer skills. We are in our third week, there are some fantastic designs on the forum, but the work is only available to members registered for classes, so here's a sneeky peek at three of my designs.

I think we are supposed to choose one and finish the whole quilt, but designing these small quilts is so could you choose?

At first I thought this was my favourite!

I've removed this photo to protect my copyright...Thanks for being respectful!


But 'Wow' this one is so special, I named it 'Easter Parade' as I designed this one on Easter Sunday and it looks like a bit of a show off!

This is the revised, refreshed and refined vesion!

Check back later for updates!


  1. OH, Kay, that 3rd one is gorgeous. There are so many details in it that I like, I don't know where to start pointing them out! I can't wait to see it in thread. Good for you!!!

  2. Kay, Easter Prade is beautiful! I can see a RIBBON in the future. Need to work on mine some more.

  3. Easter Parade is simply beautiful! I can see a RIBBON in the future. I need to get busy on mine.



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