Friday 20 May 2011

Following the Cornet!

The Cornet and his followers rode to Lilliesleaf on Tuesday but Thursday evening was the Junior Ride Out for the Primary School aged children...this will be the last year that Kyle can take part as he goes to High School this year, he was accompanied by his Sister Fieron today who will be able to ride around the park with the Cornet for another three years.....Don't they look smart?

Fieron and Rosie......

As I've said previously....I will be buying these photos from Lesley and then will upload from the CD.

Fieron having a bit of a trot....Well done Fi....

The ponies behaved really well and we all got a bit of exercise including Kyle and Layla who are now ready for their next 'ride out' on Saturday!


  1. Looks like the children are having a good time and very smart indeed!

  2. Sigh...I should have grown up in country with horses & ponies.... LOL
    They do look very smart - and lucky! ;-)

  3. Just catching up after the holidays! You must be very proud of the kids!!

  4. THey look so happy - its great!! Dont they just look scrumptious in their riding gear.


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