Monday 2 May 2011

A Sunday Hack!

Fieron and Granda are off for a Sunday afternoon hack.....

Look who appeared around the corner..... it's Kyle and his Dad...they are on a training mission of their own!

Fieron stopped to look at this wonderful view.....

It was a great walk for me....well.....who do you think was taking the photos?


  1. I just love to see your country and the people in your life. Did you know/guess - I just LOVE Scotland!! Look forward to more pictures.

  2. What a great May 1. I got out for a little ride on Sunday too. It was my first ride since my surgery, so I rode Honey my boy's horse. She was nice a quiet for me. We just walked. We have some flooding this spring so we rode in part of the flooded pasture and crossed a flood stream. Great fun to ride in the water and slash. Love to see your horse adventures.

  3. Lovely!
    What kind of horse is Granda riding?

  4. Hello Sue...My DH is riding his Irish Cob Mare....she is with a white blaze and flowing black mane and four white feet that are covered in long feathers....we don't clip her she is meant to be hairy, she is beautiful isn't she!


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