Tuesday 24 May 2011

Remember this Doodle?

I was trying out different marking pens, fabrics, thread types and colours....
This is silk on the top and cotton satteen on the back....a mixture of glide, bottomline and silk threads....

Which turned into this....sixteen inch square wholecloth...some of the teeny tiny feathers were a little too small for a longarm really...but sometimes you just have to try it to find out?

And then I tried a different colour thread.....

I had a practice of some spineless feathers too just because I had some free batting still on the frame.....

When I'm practicing or experimenting I don't frog/unpick any mistakes/variations....I think you loose momentum that way and once your interest is lost then it's lost so I just 'carry on regardless'!

Then, because I can't throw away my test pieces...they turned into this!

Front and Back

I think I like the darker thread although you do need to be more careful to follow your design when using it!


  1. Absolutely stunning. What kind of fabric were you trying?

  2. Wow!!!!!
    The sheen really sets off the quilting doesn't it?

  3. Those are some spectacular pillows!

  4. WOW!! I hope my test pieces look like that someday.

  5. That is so incredibly beautiful!!!!

  6. This is beatiful! You do wonderful work!

  7. Gorgeous! From doodle to pillow - wonderful idea! :D

  8. Fabulous!! Your quoting is just stunning! I wouldn't toss my practice pieces either! :-)

  9. Just beautiful Kay! I want to know what kind of fabric that is too.

  10. Those cushions are gorgeous, when are you going to enter a show...?!


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