Sunday, 1 May 2011

Puppy Training!

My DH trains Sheepdogs....that's His hobby.....

This is Zen....(as in Zentangle)...he is only 4 months old....

He's getting a little education in the lambing sheds.... see how gentle and inquisitive he is!

Then outside in the training ring, he needs to be a little stronger....Zen is just trying to see if he dare ... and he dare stand up to that Scottish Blackfaced Ewe....Zen brings the sheep back to the Shepherd.....that's what he is learning to do!

Zen is going to be a strong Dog for working sheep!


  1. We had a rescue border collie named Mike-the-Dog. We so loved him. It's wonderful to see a working collie. Love the lambies, too.

  2. What a little star. Zen looks like he's going to be an excellent dog.

  3. He looks as if he already knows what he is doing!!

  4. I really hope you will do more movies of that wonderful Zen ...can't believe he is only 4 mopnths old - do you breed them too?

  5. Zen is adorable! Our new 2 mos old BC, Cash, definitely has the herding instinct. Its so much fun to watch them learn!!

  6. What a good pup! He looks like he's still got a bit of growing into his paws too.

    Thanks for sharing the videos with us. :D


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