Sunday 8 May 2011

Our Man of the Moment!

Our Man of the Moment….

Saturday was the first ‘Ride Out' of the Hawick Common Riding Season….it was a momentous occasion for our Grandson Kyle….his first proper ride out, he's eleven years old..….very nerve racking for us adults but everything went very well…Layla, his pony, behave so well and after the first canter on open ground we all started to relax a little….so I’m afraid there will be lots of photos of horses and Kyle for the next five or six weeks as the ride outs progress….

Here they are leaving town at 1.00pm.....Granda, Dad and Kyle.....

The count was 218 horses leaving Hawick.....

Time for a's thirsty work....

Today they rode out to Bonchester Bridge and's about 15 miles in all, Fieron and I were the support crew and photographers, we followed by car....

Here is a video of some of the 'ride' at Hawthornside Hill.....

Back into town safe and sound at 8.15pm
Well Done Kyle...we are so proud of you!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures and video, Kay! I lost track of how many riders went by! What a good family tradition! I miss Scotland...we were able to visit twice when we lived in Germany...we love Scotland!


  2. What a day! They had a 7+ hour ride through the countryside? What fun! Thanks for sharing the video. :D

  3. Hi Sue,
    Well, they stop for a picnic with waiting family and friends half way, this was a fifteen mile ride....but it is a strenuous ride over open countryside.....I have done it myself and know the dangers....keep watching for the next installment!
    Best Wishes

  4. How wonderful Kay - looks like a fantastic time!! and hard work.


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