Sunday, 22 May 2011

It turn out fowl????

The first half of Saturday's Ride Out was not too bad.....wind in their faces but on the whole dry weather

Here is the Cornet with his Right and Left Hand Men and the Acting Father just behind.....leaving Hawick at 12.30.

On the way to the next vantage point Fieron and I stopped by to take a photo of Echo and her foal Hailey.

We next saw the horses on the very top of our own hill at The Heights at Alemoor...then on to Philhope Bridge.


It was blustery arriving at Philhope Bridge at 3.30.....Photo by Fieron

But by the time the riders left it was a different matter.

But Kyle kept on smiling!

Arriving back in town at around 8pm ...still raining!

That was a hard ride of around 24 rained all the way home, less than half of the riders arrived back in well done Kyle!


  1. Do the horses get a bit frisky with the wind blowing? Every time I've ridden in the wind they seem to be flighty!

  2. Lovely to watch, but wow it looked cold. Does this happen each weekend. Its so good to go this journey with you all. Just love it.

  3. Hi Nicky....the horses are already a bit frisky .... riding with 200-250 horses turns on the herd instinct....the more spirited horses need good riders...this in an area which breeds many jockeys....luckily our horses are very well mannered...but it's definately a different style of riding over open hills in a big herd!

    Saying that .... there were a lot fewer horses returning to Hawick in the evening.....the weather was terrible.....I have been washing and drying ever since!

  4. Good job Kyle! Keeping on 'til the end in that weather takes some doing. :D


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