Thursday, 13 May 2010

'Cogs Mill Ride Out'!

It's a Tuesday, so it's 'Ride Out' Day Again!

It's half day closing for the local shops in Hawick on a Tuesday....the tradition started for a Tuesday 'Ride Out' so that the shop keepers and shop workers could also take part in a ride even though they had to work on a Saturday!
Unfortunately, I'm not a shop worker and have to work Tuesdays so can't ride, I was able to watch the Ride Out leave Backdamgate where they muster, there were 76 horses today, not a bad turnout for a work day!

The 'big four' just have to turn up and their horses have been sent forward for them!
Here they are waiting!

Of course everyone else has spent a couple of hours grooming and polishing, well unless you have hired a horse then you pay for someone else to do that for you!

Here they are just leaving...Oh, I want to go!

Around the town things are starting to colour up...'blue and yellow' that is...that's the colours of the Hawick Flag, the one the youths of the town won from the English soldiers in 1514 at Hornshole!

The shop keepers are dressing up there windows in the town colours ready for the 'best window' competition!

There's blue and yellow bunting!

Cars with blue and yellow ribbons attached!

And the florists are even selling blue and yellow flowers, these are Freesias, I love Freesias!

Here they are returning to the town in the evening, a lovely night for a ride!

So the ride outs will continue on a Saturday and a Tuesday until Friday 11th June, we will endevour to take part in all the Saturday rides.... there are going to be some fun rides!

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