Thursday, 20 May 2010

It's Tuesday again, Lilliesleaf Ride Out!

Lilliesleaf ride out was on Tuesday, again a work day for me, but it was a beautiful day for a gallop over the hills!  I was there to see the horses leave and a small crowd of cheer leaders sent them on their way at the appropriate time!!

Here comes the Cornet!

Of they go in the direction of Lilliesleaf a lovely little Border village!

 I think these two are having a
"A difference of opinion"

And by the way...she did stay on....this time!!
Well Sat!!!


  1. If that were me and I stayed on, I'd buy those pictures and hang them prominently on my wall!! Did she stay on?? Do the horses go nuts with people clapping and cheering when they leave? It is just so beautiful where you live and the horses are so gorgeous...thanks so much for sharing! And I LOVE the quilt in your header!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Well sat, indeed!! Lovely countryside, marvelous traditions! Thank you for posting about these rideouts. I feel like I am riding along (wish it were true!) Love your quilts and your horses! I don't know if mine would be able to keep up! LOL

  3. All the clapping and cheering do add to the atmosphere....the horses get really excited about the's wonderful to arrive at your destination for the picnics and then to arrive back in town in the evening with a piped band to lead the way...the crowds of people in the towns and villages cheering as you go by leaves a lump in your throat and can at times bring a tear to your's unbelieveable, truely unbelievable!!!!


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