Saturday, 8 May 2010

It's on the frame!!!

My wholecloth is marked, it wasn't as tedious as I thought but, you know, it's not the biggest quilt in the should finish at 36" X 36" but that's just great for a first time wholecloth!

And now it's on the frame...I've quilted about one quarter of the motifs, there's a lot of work in those motifs. 

It's slow but not because it's hard work, I'm enjoying the's slow because I have such a lot going on at the moment that is taking up my time!

Pop back later for an update!


  1. Kay that looks FANTASTIC!!!
    Can hardly wait to see it all finished.
    I like how you started pebbling the background, that will really make those feather pop.

  2. Kay, your feahers are beautiful and look at that those tiny pebbles. Fantastic !!!

  3. Arhhh, Kath you must have double clicked to see those!!

  4. Kay that is absolutely GORGEOUS! can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Beautiful Kay!! Your feathers are fantastic!! Did you use cotton sateen for your fabric selection?

  6. Beautiful Kay!! Your feather are fantastic!!! Did you use cotton sateen for your fabric selection??

  7. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the compliments..yes it's cotton sateen front and back but blue/grey on the I can see any places that I may need to give more attention to in the future!!!

    Best Wishes


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