Sunday, 23 May 2010

Phillhope Brig Ride Out!

Saturday was Phillhope Brig Ride Out, it was an extremely hot day, this ride actually goes over our own land up on the hill!  This is a long ride, 26 miles and your horse needs to be fit, I shared the ride with my DS who rode the first half on Dibbley!

Here they are leaving!

A wonderful sight leaving town!

Look at Dibbley Go!

 This was our next sighting of the horses in the distance...These are the hills where I ride most days!!

Everywhere you go there are cheer leaders even on our lonely hill top!

Just waiting!!

Here they come!

There's Dibbley!

Then off they go!

Arriving at Phillhope Brig....

This is a lovely spot for a picnic with a stream for the children and the horses had a lovely wash down.....Dibbley had lost a shoe so needed the Farrier who just happened to be were first in the queue as Dibbley was already booked in for next week anyway!!

Some horses rode the first half of the ride, some rode the second, some like Dibbley rode all the way, with either the same rider or two different riders. Because of the heat it was a very relaxed ride, no one was in a serious hurry although there were still some wonderful canters and gallops! I took over and rode the second half along side my DH with Bess!  Dibbley did really well in the extreme heat of the day, it was a lovely evening ride back into we are just setting off...


And here we are arriving back into Hawick with even bigger crowds..what a lovely day!!
We were all in need of a 'fish and chip supper'!

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