Sunday 30 May 2010

More Ride Outs!

Saturday again and it's Mosspaul Ride Out!

A bit of history and tradition!!

The Mosstroopers were bandits who plagued the border area between England and Scotland. They were so named from camping on the mosses.
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It is said that the Hotel at Mosspaul was built around 1750 and was on the main route of the daily mail coaches from Carlisle to Edinburgh. The coaches stopped at Mosspaul to change horses.

The original Hotel burned down in a fire and was derelict until 1900 when the Duke of Buccleuch gave permission for a new Hotel to be built.


On 21st May 1901, Cornet Sutherland, his Right and Left Hand Men, Acting father Jed Murray and 8 followers, took part in the first ride out to Mosspaul , becoming the first Mosstroopers.

To this day the Hawick Cornet still rides to Mosspaul as part of the Common Riding rituals it's said by many to be the longest 'ride out', 26/28 miles or more but may now have competion with Phillhope Brig ride out for that honour.  If the weather is fine it can be wonderful, but if the weather is foul then these are the bleakest of hills to ride!! It must of been a really hard life to be one of the original 'Mosstroopers' living on the moss!

Women are now allowed to ride but only the men and boys receive the 'Mosstroopers' badge and join the Mosstroopers club!

Some of the guys from West Linton made this fun video of the first gallop in Pilmuir field...this is from the 2008 Mosspaul Ride Out, I was riding Bess that year and my DS was riding Moth!

Thanks guys, it's a great video!!

Next weeks 'Tuesday Ride Out' follows the same route but with fewer horses, here they are taking a break at the top of Skelfhill.

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