Friday 21 May 2010

Junior Ride Out!!!

Well, I think tonight (Thursday) Hawick started a 'new tradition', a 'Junior Ride Out with the Cornet'!

There were 70 children of primary school age with their ponies who turned out on this glorious evening to follow the Cornet on a short ride around the park and neighbouring roads.  All children were to have a handler with them and were supposed to be on a lead rein!

Here are Kyle with Fizz, Fieron with Rosie and there handlers for the ride, I am chief photographer!

They were only away for about an hour and I think everyone of them had a good time!
Here they all are coming back again...

The weather was perfect and there was a huge turnout of spectators for this first time event..there is always a good spectator turnout no matter what the weather for all of the 'Ride Outs'!

Every child and pony received a rosette and refreshments, and eveyone enjoyed the evening!

I am sure this ride will be repeated next year and before long the towns folk will be saying 'It's Aye Been'!

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