Sunday, 16 May 2010

It's 'Roberton Ride Out'!

Well guess what, today (Saturday) we trailer the horses into Hawick and then we ride back to our own village, well actually the farm next door to our own!

This is a very popular ride, with 250 horses and riders following the cornet, it's not the longest, the horses are getting fitter, and stronger all the time they really really want to's about 20/30 minutes of road work first and then it's mostly an up hill ride until we reach Roberton 7/8 miles away!

Here's Dibbley and Bess just taking off on the first I know Lesley has the copyright on these photos..but I will buy them when they become available and update these from the CD...promise!!!
Photos updated from CD 11/07/10....!

This video is taken near the Four Road Ends at Drinkstone, it's the 2009 ride, taken by a walking follower from Edinburgh, my horse Dibbley is there but my Son is riding her.  This is the first gallop of the day, you can see the string of horses off into the distance, those horses can see and sense the excitement of the gallop well before they get there, but by the time they get to the camera they are starting to steady up a bit!
It was a windy day so the camera microphone is a bit noisy!


So then we carry on riding over the hills, we may pass one or two walkers or maybe the odd farmer on a quad bike checking to make sure his gates have been closed, but the next time we see cheering crowds will be at 'Blawearie' a very windy spot where we wait to make sure all the hores have crossed the road safely before we continue on into Roberton.

And so we meet up for another picnic...what a sight to see here in the Roberton Valley!

When we are refreshed we head of down to the river and up the steep hills on the other side and head off back to Hawick!

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